Saturday, October 14, 2006

DBSK, Hyori, etc: Fight Breast Cancer!

I realize that some of you *coughSharoncough* are using dial-up and to wait for the pics to load is a killer so...
introducing thumbnails!! w00T~!! Go thumbnails!!

Max Changmin (2nd from right) recently admited to watching porn which is nothing usual of course.. He's a guy for pete's sake!
Watch the clip here.

And Yunnie's quite a special guy.. xD with very sexy man-boobs.
Of course, I already know about this before he admited on the show. I still love him to bits LOL~!!
But the clip was just hilarious!! xD

Anyway, yeah.. like I said in the forums, Yunnie will be supporting this charity event whole-heartedly.
They're making shirts with their hand-prints in front.

The prints on the left belongs to Hero JaeJoong.

It's almost obscene.
Like indirect molesting but hey! it's for charity right? LOL~!!

Hero looks so scary! O__________O

Oh dear lord! Is it Johnny Depp or Micky Yoochun??
Random person from the back: Who's Micky Yoochun?!
Me: (=_____=)

RUN!! He's out for your boobs!! O_____<
Gosh.. he looks so scary... >___<

Look at the eyeliner of Xiah Junsu!! Woooo~!!
Even I don't use that much eyeliner <___<

Max's really cute ^^ But I hate his hair here <__<

Oh la la~!!
Yunnie looks so darn cute here!! *nosebleeds*

So get your T-shirt today!! ^o^

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