Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Fine Art of Female B*tching


I just feel like ranting... yet I don't want your eyes to start bleeding from reading too much angst in one post.
I'll make this short as I can't bear to waste any more precious time.

I'm clouded by mixed feelings and the total lack of sleep that I'm deprived from is not helping me so I figured I should write down my thoughts.
Dang. Now I see the use of having a blog.

// Start of Rant //

My dear friend from SIT (who shall remain anonymous here) IM-ed me on MSN last night. I was already exhausted and was nursing this huge headache but I knew something was up. She usually wouldn't appear online as she doesn't want people to start chatting with her and distracting her.

We were all in 1st year of uni together though our courses are different, they're related and we shared many classes last year.
Biotechies are sent to Australia in 2nd year while they're heading to the land down under only in their 3rd year (next year).

She was so upset and I didn't understand why.
I didn't believe how some of our friends are being mean to her. I mean, we were all friends.
And she's like the most likable person ever.

I don't understand what's going on. I wasn't there to see for myself.
I don't know how many people from SIT would be reading this but I don't care frankly.

I haven't heard the other side of the story so it may be unfair for me to say that I'm very disappointed in them but I am... and I can't help feeling that way.

Guys... we went through so much together.
We're friends. Friends.
Friends don't do that to one another.
What's with the crappy talking behind her back? Yeah, okay, we're girls and we tend to b*tch about things but seriously... you guys aren't a bunch of 12 year olds anymore.

Stop being so immature!!


//End of rant //

I need chocolate.

PS. I don't swear or anythig ><
Forgive me if the 'female dog' offends you.
It seemed like the only most fitting word at the moment of my unamused state.

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