Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fragile Beauty

It's already been a week since the second half of the semester started.
It's already been a week since the 2-week study break ended.


Priya just came back from Malaysia.

She missed a whole week of lectures.
She missed a quiz that was on Wednesday which is worth 15%.

Her brother was going to get engaged so she was contemplating whether she should return to see his engagement for the two week break.

But the decision was made up for her.

The day before our two week study break started, she got a call.
Her uncle in Malaysia passed away.
She realized she was going home for a funeral instead.

She had to miss out on a week of lecturers and a quiz for the 16-day funeral.

She was supposed to come back to Adelaide yesterday but she didn't.
She only arrived this morning.


Cause she had to stay for another day of prayers.

For her friend commited suicide.

How fragile is life?

We tend to lose ourselves in our daily struggles.
Only when something tragic happens do we then stop in our tracks.
Only when something tragic happens do we realize what life is really all about.

Sadly... as time pass, we learn to move onand be engulfed by the stressors of life once more

Stop and think today.

Did you forget to tell someone that you love them?Did you finally make that overdued call to that someone?

Maybe you should.

Before it's too late.

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yoyo_ said...

you mean you're one of the frogs that is in need of a kiss?

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