Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some fanarts ^^

Let's move on from all the bad stuff... Aish...

however, I don't have a scanner so I had to use my digital camera... which made the pictures look funny because of the angles and lighting.

U-Know Jung Yunho
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Hero Kim JaeJoong

This is a fanart made for my fellow DBSK lovers in DBSK central of bww2 forums
There was some talk about JaeHo (JaeJoong x Yunho) and the latest one was about JaeHoMin (JaeJoong x Yunho x Changmin)

The three girls on the left are Sandra (who's waving off some random dude), Cheryl and Lor. They're taking Changmin who looks really pleased as Egle put it, "Now he can put what he learnt in the 'special videos' to good use (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then read my previous post and watch the youtube link. LOL~!! )

On the right is me, hauling Yunnie away from JaeJoong. But JJ's oblivious to what's happening around him cause he's busy thinking of what to have for dinner.
And carting him off is Egle

It's just a simple fan-art which took me quite a while to complete but I'm quite happy with it ^^

The following gif was taken from the latest episode of X-man which features all members of DBSK.
JaeJoong had to senerade a girl so he did. He came up to her when he was almost done with the song. After he was through, he looked at her and poked his tonuge out.

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It was so cute!! I think all the girls nearly died!
His singing was so good, we were already swooning~!!
and poking out the tongue did not help our delirious state.

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