Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Fat Horror! You have been warned.

Before I get onto what my title is about, let me rant...


I am amaze with myself.
Not in a good way -.-

I completed a paper on Monday and I have another tomorrow.
So I didn’t do anything after the paper on Monday because I ended up reading 5 fan fics in a row and bawling my eyes out because one was particularly sad. +___+

I’ve been restless all day yesterday, not much progress at all. And today? Hah… I fell asleep twice during the day.
I could not sit still anymore. So I sat on top of my desk instead.

Which was probably a dumb thing to do because I’m afraid of heights!!
Look at how high is was!! Ngeeeeeeehhhhh~!

For those of you who are going, “Lish!! It’s not that high! Quit exaggerating!”

You forget I am short -.-

I have so much to blog about!! Why is it during exam periods where I’m supposed to be refraining myself from doing useless time-consuming things, I end up doing them anyway?

---------[END OF RANT]----------

Anyway, enough ranting.
On with blogging!!

Last night, Deb and I watched TV. (I haven’t watched TV since I came back to Adelaide and I start watching TV during the exam periods. Sweet.)
And there was something really interesting on! Actually two!!

The first was about sex addicts!! O__o
...... Gotta love Aussie TV :P

It was really interesting… most people would go, “Whoaaaa… sex addicts? Yeah, they must be having fun most of the time then.”
But in reality, it’s really terrible!

No addiction is fun. Trust me. I’m addicted to forum-ing. Yes, it’s fun when you’re doing it but after you’ve done it, the guilt sinks in and blahblahblah… that’s no fun.
Anyway, it was a real eye-opener. I feel smarter already!! HAHAA!!

The other thing was about FAT people and Fat Admirers (FA).
There was soooooooooooooooooooo much fat that Deb and I just sat there, gawking. I have no idea how many times we squealed, "Ew!! Look at that!! Look at that!!" and the other would go, "ARGH! I am but I don't want to!!"
Needless to say, I was appalled by all that fat!

This girl who’s actually really pretty, can’t stand up for more than 5 minutes because of her weight!!
The poor thing!! She basically stays in the house all day with her web designer boyfriend who’s a FA (Fat admirer).
He loves to see the fat rolls… and flab jiggle.... he seriously needs help too. Someone get them help!!

God! Her legs look like croissants.

Image Hosted by
am never going to look at croissants the same way again!

Another has an arm of over 31 inches!! Her arm is bigger than my waist! *___*
Gawd, it was an hour of fat rolls, flab jiggling, cellulite and stretch marks horror!
If this documentary was made into a horror movie, you'd see people walking out of the cinema within 10 minutes with a sudden loss of appetite.

I was rubbing my arms throughout the whole show. It was quite traumatizing, I must say!
I went to bed after that and I laid there thinking about the amount of jiggling fat on the show. And I thought Homer Simpson was fat!! These people are insanely obese!!

The fat!! Take the fat away from me!!


Hey!! Blogger has new features now!! W00t~!! *prances*
...... I never noticed that I actually got comments before!! x___x
When did Soo Hui write me comments?? o___O

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