Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Krispy Kreme

At this very moment, Soo Hui's having a blast in Sydney. I'm sure you can tell by the amount of photos she has posted in her blog!!
ARGH! She had a Krispy Kreme donut!!


"Each Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut has 4 grams of trans fat. Some have more, up to 7 grams (Apple fritters)."



Maybe I should rethink about wanting to eat one.

Give me an apple any day!!

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^An apple.



Now with so much time on my hands, I'm really stumped with what to do.

Figures.... (+___+)

I decided with the one week by myself while Soo Hui's in Sydney, I'd clean the house, pack my stuff and hunt for a house. I'd spend my time foruming, reading, drawing and learning Korean.
It's already Tuesday. The house isn't cleaned. I only answered one ad for a house.
I didn't really forum much (*GASP*) because it's much too hot to do so.
Umm.. learning Korean? Hah!!! ... don't even go there -___-
Well... I did managed to pack two boxes.. of clothes alone!

But I didn't completely waste my time. Today I went and met up with Ah Rum for lunch ^^
She's that Korean girl that she's an exchanged student.
I really had a good time. It was so interesting to chat with her about her life, her future, Korea and K-POP!! BUAHAHA!!


And she gave me this really cute organizer to thank me for helping her out with a subject that we share ^^

It's so cute, no??

Tomorrow I've decided to clean up the whole house!! *determined face*

Sharon's having exams!!

I will be cheering you on while watching TV, surfing the net, enjoying my freedom, etc!!

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