Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Christmas Wish List

Waaaaa... I chatted till 3 something and woke up at 11am

Aishhh... but I did clean up the house..
well, just the bathroom today cause it took over an hour.

It was filthy!!!

The bath mat was all moudly.

Anyho, I realised that I've totally skipped my Christmas Wish List!!

Jingle bells, batman smells
robin laid an egg
bat mobile lost its wheel
and joker got away

Alright, I don’t celebrate Christmas but hey, for those of you who do (and if you love me), feel free to get me any of these!!
Lisha's Christmas Wish List

  1. A creative Zen mp3 player [Either a Zen Neeon 2 or a Zen Neeon]


  2. A holiday! An all expenses paid trip to Hawaii please...
    and another ticket for my best friend too or it'll just be half the fun stalking any hotties by myself.

    The sun, the beach, the surf...
    All that's missing from this pic are the hot surfer dudes.. *drool*

  3. A handful of money! Preferably in 100 notes, Australian Currency but American dollars would be fine too =] Umm.. those aren't my hands. I wish the money was though.

  4. Jung Yunho (Uh... from Dong Bang Shin Ki.. if you didn't know *eye twitch*)

    Image Hosted by
    hubba hubba!!

I know my list is rather short but these are the only things I can think of at the top of my head.
I'd like a car but I can't drive.
But if you want to buy me a car (Not those toy cars, you smart-alecs), then go ahead!! :D

Soo Hui just messaged!! She ate another Krispy Kreme!!
Girl!! What about those Jessica Alba abs that you want?!

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