Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sinking In

Am in a melancholic mood right now.
I'm not really sure why.

Maybe it's cause I just watched a sad episode from DBSK's new drama Vacation.

No... it's not that...

I'm here again.
I'm at this stage of life… where the future is uncertain.

No doubt, I expect to finish off my third year next year. Yeah, that’s what I expect but you can never be certain.
Why am I talking like this?

I guess it’s just the house hunting. I’m paranoid and a worrywart to begin with.
I guess I didn’t really want to face the reality that I can totally be homeless. Wait, scratch that. I’m not going to be totally homeless. There’s always Jane whose housemates have moved out and she’s looking for two housemates to move in with her. The problem? The place is a bit too far from Soo Hui’s campus. It’s definitely near mine.

So Jane’s plan C.

  • Plan A – Soo Hui and I find an ideal place that’s just situated near the Free Bus routes.
  • Plan B – We find a place that’s nearer to the East Campus (my campus) and that would be given to Sheng Yee and I while Soo Hui remains in her lovely townhouse.
  • Plan C – Give up and move into Jane’s place

Somehow I’m not convinced.
Perhaps I’m being too much of a pessimist.

Waheyyyyy!! I can start a New Year’s Resolution list now.

New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Stop being a pessimist.
  2. Marry Jung Yunho
  3. Rule the World
  4. Uhh….. yeah… I’ll come up with a better list....

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