Monday, December 18, 2006

The Case of The Missing Luggage

One thing after another.
So I soon found myself on board RBA, on my way home to Brunei after the horrendous experience.
I must say that the stewardess on board RBA aren't very good at their job. During the airline safety procedures, the stewardess made a mistake and towards the end of it, she just threw her hands up in frustration and stopped before she was even supposed to.
Lady, you may have a bad day but your mistake and your unenthusiasm may endanger us when there's actually an emergency.

For example, say we have to land in water and everyone has to wear a life jacket before they jump into the water.. but thanks to you... this happens..

Nay... that's not the real problem.

The real problem?

When I actually got into the airport, I waited almost 40 minutes for my baggage which DID NOT COME!

They lost my luggage!!

At this stage, I was pretty cranky.
I had not slept much, I looked like I could bite someone's head off and I almost did.
This lady at the "Lost and Found" section was almost arguing with me. She said that I had to get a sticker for my baggage but I didn't which meant I didn't check my bag in.

I couldn't my bag in myself because I couldn't even get out of the arrival hall!!

They did everything for me and they just gave me a piece of paper saying they transferred my bag to the flight I was boarding!!

Then tears started flowing because I was just so tired. I was just so tired of everything.
I didn't understand why everything was going downhill. Even though things were looking up, they weren't.
I was rolling down the hill again and I couldn't stop.

Anyho, the lady was mighty surprised to see me crying and she shouted to her collegue, "TISSUE!! TISSUE!!"
and when I told her everything, she was being very sympathetic and promised to do her best to help me find my luggage.
I apologized for crying but she laughed and said, "No no, I understand.. but you came in, being so tough and you suddenly cried, you scared me!!"


I should never try to act tough when all I'm going to do is burst out crying the next moment.

She did say that I had to be brave to go through everything by myself.
Damm right. I had no one to call. My phone couldn't get a signal in the airport. I was literally on my own but Jackson helped me so much. I'm really grateful for his help.

Yeah... it was just so tiring. I went through so many emotions; anxiety, anger, frustration, paranoia, and on top of it all, I having my period.

But hey, yesterday my dad got a call and they found my luggage so YAY~!!
It's here now!! ^__^
which explains why I could go online now. YAYNESS.

I wonder where it went.
Maybe it took a detour to Mexico! I can already imagine digging out to find a sombero inside my luggage.

1 comment:

Doraemon said...

pity lisha..

if i were at there.. i will slap the lady who made u cry. :x

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