Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The whole "life flash before your eyes" experience

I was on the bus the other day (it was crammed with little old ladies and nice old grandpas), texting my lovely Korean friend...

when all of the sudden, the bus screeched to a halt. The old lady beside me tumbled forward as a loud deafening blare engulfed us.
My heart stopped when I realized a tiny car had just sped past the bus, and missed being rammed into by a hair's width!!

Okay, so my life didn't exactly flash before me but I'll bet it did for the lil old lady beside me. Anyway, the bus driver was all pissy.. like anyone in such a situation would be..
In fact everyone in the bus was pissed and we all proceeded to give the reckless driver a dirty stare. Yes, all those sweet looking little biddies... they make me quiver in my pink furry boots.

I for one will be more careful around old biddies from now on.

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