Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beetle on wheels

Some of you may have known the trip to Bandar that Sharon Yong had.
Yeah well, I was with her.
Okay, we did get lost. But it wasn’t really that bad. It’s just that whenever we took a wrong turn, we had to wait AGES to find a U-turn.

At first Sharon was elated, shouting “Woo hoo!! Let’s get lost!”
At the time, I just realized for the first time that my best friend’s insanity could potentially harm me but I couldn’t exactly jump out the car, roll off into some grass patch by the roadside and have my hair looking good just like the movies, could I?
Anyway when we did get somewhat lost, I was the more laidback one.
Perhaps I was in denial.
Whaddaya mean we’re lost? We were just heading the wrong way!

Anyho, she became rather panicky and radioed in for help. Soon enough this helicopter came swooping down from behind. After we parked the car, we stepped out to meet our saviour. Lo and behold! Jung Yunho hopped out from the chopper and walked towards us.
Everyone held their breaths as he spoke. In a deep husky voice, he asked, “Will you marry me, Lisha?”
And then I ruined it all by dying of a major nosebleed attack.

Yeah. Sucky.

While we were in Bandar, Sharon was playing this game called “Slugbug” (or something like that. I seriously need to pay more attention.) where whenever you spot a Volkswagen Beetle, you shout “Slugbug!” and proceed to slap/hit/smack your friend.
The one who swats their opponent the most wins.
She doesn’t like playing with me because apparently I’m not into it. Why do I need to play to slap her on the arm? I can just slap her arm period.

Anyway, she lives off the thrill of winning. The parasite.

But now that she’s gone back to Uni, I find myself slapping my brother on the arm whenever I spot a Beetle!


Ngeh… they’re sorta cute, I suppose.

It really does look like a bug. Doesn’t it? *shudders*

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