Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sexy Back? All I want is a Sexy Mouth

I just came back from the newly opened foh tang (temple) in Sungai Liang.
This kid from my neighbourhood flirted with me.
*shudders* I’ve known him since he was a little boy.
Ew-ness! Well I suppose he’s a normal teenage boy with raging hormones.
Great. Just great.

But there’s this other kid who caught my eye.
When he walked through the door, there was something endearing about him, although he looks mature for his age, I’m pretty sure he’s younger than me.
My mom says probably a couple of years…STILL!! I shouldn’t be a pedophile like Sharon.
Oh nooooooooooooi!!
Anyway, he’s got nice sharp features which are quite big.
Wow! Someone with bigger features than me!
I wasn’t that interested at first. I mean he’s younger than me but it didn’t help that he was sitting in my view. I found myself glancing at him often.


He’s got a nice side profile which showed a big sharp nose and a very sexy mouth.
When he laughed, he turned his face towards me and I saw what a sexy mouth he has.

Quite like Donghae’s from SuperJunior.
Ohmigawd!! That’s it! He looks like Donghae! *___*

And I just texted Sharon She replied and asked me what I meant by a sexy big mouth.
Le gasp! Did she just ask that??
To prove my point, I shall post pictures of Donghae’s big mouth.

I bet you could fit a Big Mac or two in that! RAWR~!!
Okay, the pics aren’t that flattering. I got them off SuperJunior’s music video but you have to see the big mouth in action. When he was singing, I couldn’t stop staring at his big sexy mouth. *dabs off drool forming at the corner of my lips*

I keep wondering what it must be like to kiss such a big mouth.
Would it swallow my lips whole?

Rawr-ness!!I don’t care! My next boyfriend will have a big mouth! *O*

I am pretty sure this entry will come back and haunt me.
But for now… *prances*

1 comment:

inner child said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH! Lisha lisha... so farnie la u dis.. and OMG.. he has a stark resemblance to Princess Hour's Prince Yul. O.O *moans in pleasure* <---exacting horniness LOL

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