Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tag! You’re it! *prances*

Okay, I got tagged with this “Answer-And-Tag-Questionaire” and because I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I actually completed it. It’s pretty short anyway.

Words to sum up 2006:
Interesting, fun yet difficult. It’s a pretty tough year.

The most interesting thing that happened in 2006:
I went to a Dong Bang Shin Ki concert and made Yunho smile. WHAHAHAAA~ I don’t care what you say, I really did. *sticks tongue out at you*

Name three new friends you’ve met in 2006 who are worth keeping:

My twinno Yenny, Cheryl and my Korean friend Ah Rum! *twirls*

One thing you regret from 2006:
Allowing peer pressure to get to me.

One thing you learnt from 2006:
I don’t have a passport. *eye twitch*

One thing you’re looking forward to in 2007:
Sweet, sweet high speed internet of ADSL 2+. *drool*

5 people you tag with this quiz:
Anyone else who reads this!! Especially Sharon, Teresa, Chow Mei, Seng Kheng (if he’s reading this) and Soo Hui (but she might be too busy with piano to bother)

Post a recent picture of you:
Here’s a pic of my brother and I. Doesn’t he look cute here?? xD

Question: What’s up with the new blogger anyway? I tick ‘Remember me’ everytime I log in and it doesn’t remember me!!

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