Tuesday, January 30, 2007

U to B to D

I was almost eager to go back to Uni (Yeah, I'm a nerd, so sue me)
so when Sharon asked me to accompany her in attending two of her classes in UBD, I jumped at the chance.

The only problem was that her car was being repaired and we had to use her uncle’s...
which has no air-conditioning, not even a cassette player let alone a CD player.
But she couldn’t talk to herself all the way up, could she?

Anyway we attended 2 classes; chemistry and math.

The lecturers were really… dull creatures. Gosh, they lectured students to be punctual and give you nasty stares if you exit the room early.
It’s so different from the totally laid-back Aussie lecturers.
AND the internet was painfully slow. TT___TT
Jean, Sharon and I played ‘solitare’ on the computers while waiting for the webpages to load.
(.___.) I really pity them.

The only interesting part was getting to meet old friends again.
When Jean stepped into the Chemistry lecture room, she was took a step back upon recognizing me. Then she immediately excused herself, saying that she wasn’t really awake yet and needed to go to the toilet.
After returning, she cautiously made her way to the seat next to me and pinched me!! When I gave a cry, she went, “Okay… you’re real.”
In Math, I met an old friend of mine back in Sayiddina Ali. Did I spell that right? Anyway, it was good fun till the lecturer was looking our way .___.

It was also a little scary, I’ve never seen anyone guard an ATM machine before.
They have men with rifles standing by.
We have an ATM machine in our uni but no one gives a damm!!
Another reason for me to head to UBD was to scoop out the eye-candies. Sharon warned me before so I wasn’t too disappointed. But I was disappointed anyhow.
No. of eye-candies: Zilch!
Okay, almost zilch. I did spot a couple of above average guys. Boo!!

Oh, we also went to Empire Hotel. It’s like that bit of paradise in Brunei that really makes you feel you’re somewhere really exotic.
While we were there, there was a party going on but we weren’t invited. *sniff*
Anyway, we headed onto the beach and spotted this!!

A flyingfish on top of a banana boat!

I couldn’t help saying that the banana boat looks funny. Doesn’t it look funny? Not really like ‘ha-ha funny’, more like ‘peculiar-funny’.

Damm, it looks funny.

And we spotted this tiny watermelon that was growing near Sharon’s hostel.
Look at how cute it is! I want to stick it into a square frame and get a square watermelon.

The drink’s Sharon’s.

She wanted something with caffeine to keep her awake for the journey home so we don't crash and burn,etc ... but ... if you notice on the can itself, it says ‘caffeine free’.

So I had to keep her awake by juggling invisible balls.

No. Really.

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