Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to a stalker’s world.

To survive out there in the cruel world, you’d need L33T stalking skills.

Picture this, two rather attractive young ladies driving around the quaint town of KB, with too much time on their hands but nothing to do.
To make things simpler we shall call one Sharon and the other Lisha.
The two are quite opposite of one another but shared a number of common interests such as cute guys, Orlando Bloom, guys and so forth to be the best of friends (most of the time)
However, Sharon had a rather odd obsession with Subarus while Lisha on the other hand, had a quite thing for a particular Korean boyband’s leader, Yunho who has a reason to worry.

Anyway, before I get too carried away… while they were driving around aimlessly, Sharon spotted a very beautiful sleek Subaru parked right in front of Marilyn’s CakeHouse (which is a nice place really :D )
Sharon practically drooled at the sight of it.
Yes. She nearly did.
The night was young so they did what anyone else would have done in their situation… they decided to STALK it. Now, the car’s parked and it made no sense to stalk it but that didn’t stop them. It was ten minutes to twelve and the CakeHouse would close at midnight. The owner of the Subaru would have to leave soon and then they could chase after it!

They would love to have parked right next to it but then it would seem to obvious (or rather it would seem very odd that two girls are just sitting in the car eyeing the Subaru next to them) so Sharon decided to park her car far from it. She hopped into the backseat hoping to get a better look while Lisha wondered how she got dragged into this.

As it got closer and closer to midnight, their anticipation grew. Then they saw bright white lights (trademark of a Subaru’s) and ducked behind their seats to avoid being seen!!
“OMG!” Sharon chuckled with glee.
But alas, no Subaru passed them.

Where did it go?

Sharon shot up, “Oh no!! He might have used the other exit!”

And he did.

Aishh… so they didn’t really stalk any Subaru that night… but knowing Sharon, there will most likely be a next time.

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