Friday, February 02, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia

I used to love the Amazing Race. But when the Amazing Race Asia happened, I wasn’t bother about it. I told myself that I was too tired to chase after the contestants and had enough of the suspense.
I steered myself away from it until I was surfing channels and the host Allan Wu caught my eye… for about 10 seconds.
He’s sorta cute, no?

That particular episode had 4 teams left and I was rooting for everyone except Sandy and Fran-something. They seemed to powerful, I wanted them to lose =D

I pitied Marty and Mario, one of them said that he wasn’t allowed to eat internal organs but was forced to eat brains!! Eww! And they lost in that episode too!

Anyway, I was hooked after that but then the affair ended abruptly because I had just watched the last episode!
I was running around in circles, trying to burn off the anticipation as they slowly unveiled the winners. When Zabrina and Joe Jer won, I almost cried!!

ARGH! I am getting too old for this!

They are the first all-female group to win the race! I was so proud of them even though I watched barely three episodes. *sniffle*

Anyway, I always thought Sharon and I would make good partners if we were ever to go onto Amazing Race but you know what? We’d be hopelessly lost within 2 hours of the race. Unless we flirt with some of the other contestants or pay them to let us tag along with them. That’s allowed, right?

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