Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Boy from Brunei

I posted an ad in gumtree about a housemate wanted yesterday and I got two replies~!! YAY for internet!! One’s from France and the other’s from Germany :D
Let’s pray that one of them will become my housemate if Yee doesn’t want the room.


Oh, you all have heard about the boyband Fahrenheit right?

A couple years ago when people started talking about a Bruneian boy becoming a star, I was like all MEHHHH…
Well, I’m still a little MEHH…
I WILL NOT GIVE INTO TO FANGIRLDOM!! Even though I’m a fangirl of DBSK’s .____.


That’s not the point.
Anyway, I steered away from them.....
But my brother being a big fan of S.H.E’s… I heard the song where they collaborated with Hebe of S.H.E and it’s quite catchy.
My mom's quite proud of him. She's all like, "That's him!! That's him!!" when he was on TV the other day. I don't know whether to laugh or cry..

I will NOT GIVE IN!!

They’re a good-looking band, yes.
but I will not become one of those girls that swoon, "Ooooo Fahrenheit~" with ogle-y eyes. I only do that to Yunho.

Anyway, if anyone’s interested, someone listed down their blogs (I didn't ask for then. I just stumbled upon them. I swear!!)
Anyho, his name is Wu Chun and he’s a pretty boy :)


^looks a little like Daniel Wu here o__O

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shinichi said...

when i read your blog (while blog-hopping), this post is very interesting.. haha its so true, a lot of bruneian that i know of are very interested in Wu Chun.. haha i guess they are proud of how famous he is in taiwan and making brunei known too... well i like him, like i don't hate him..but he's kinda boring... maybe cos he's like old. @.@....

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