Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

to Alexis and me!!

I can't believe she's the same age as me!! XD

Well, when I got into class, a couple of my friends wished me happy birthday which made me feel so loved.
After class, Jane popped by with a cake for the both of us!
And my ex-housemates bought me a brownie and a card!! ^____^ Well, Gibson came by this morning with two potential housemates. I asked him about the misunderstanding and he was like, "ah.. don't bother about that!" maybe he didn't realize the situation .___. but hey, that made me heaps better. I finally moved everything... and my quilt is MISSING!! *gasp*
The previous tenants must have taken it!!
Also my traveller's adaptor plug and my soap bar holder!! >=(
The nerve of those people!
Now my soap bar has nothing to rest in!!

Speaking of evil doings..
Yesterday, while Sheng Yee and I were walking in the mall, this dude ran past us with blood stained tissues held up to his ear. These two other men were chasing him. One had a bottle in his hand and was swinging it about. I was terrified that he would break it to slice the dude up.
Right there, they cornered him with him shouting out, "Look, there are cops here alright!!" trying to discourage them but they weren't fooled. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on the situation), he managed to dodge them but in doing so, nearly ran back into us!! ARGH!!
He threw the rolled up tissues and legged it with the men tailing behind him.

Who said Adelaide was safe?? @___@

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