Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Land of Prancing Elves

There's so many interesting shows on TV that I just glues me onto my seat. Is it me or has my flab gotten flabbier? If there's such a word.

The other day I was talking to Sharon and I realized that I haven't watched MTV or Nickelodeon in ages~ I must be growing into an adult!! GASP~!
So I watched MTV and there was Punk'd on!
Ashton's quite a hottie, no?? :D

If I had a list of 'hottest men' like a certain someone I know, he'd be.. oh... no.12 maybe?

And the hottest??

Oh u-know who~ xD

Speaking of which, it's

Yup!! Yunho's birthday today! ^^

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

Back to MTV, I watched an episode of Boiling Points and there's one where this guy is in line in a grocery store and paid items worth $5.11 with coins!
The people next in line were so frustrated except for this one lady who patiently stood there with a smile on her face.
He tried to irritate her by accidentally dropping all the coins while counting and had to start ALL OVER again but she just stood there smiling.
He asked her to help him and she did. With a smile on her face!!
When he was short of 79 cents, he accused her of stealing it. She denied it but wasn't offended.

Maybe she was a saint or something.

On the other hand, another girl told him off within 4 minutes when he started counting his coins in a retarded manner.

Anyho, they have a special episode where they went to Malaysia~!!
I'm hoping that they'll go to Adelaide, they'll never come to Brunei, I don't swear so it'll be pretty hard to eliminate me unless of course I just leave or something.

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