Monday, February 12, 2007

The Name Decoder

Let me ask you this... have you ever wondered what your name really means?
okay, most Asian kids know what their names mean but...

what if you were a cyborg?
Or a monster?
And maybe you wonder how sexy your name is ;)

My Cyborg Name

Artificial Networked Android Limited to Immediate Sabotage and Hazardous Assassination

Because we're all cyborgs. We just don't know it yet.

My Monster Name

Abhorrent, Nefarious, Anthropologist-Lacerating, Investigator-Snatching Horror of Anger

Does it even make sense?

Lethal, Investigator-Snatching Horror from the Abbey

This is fun!! xD

And last but not least...

My Sexy Name

Amorous Nonconformist Adeptly Luxuriating in Intense Stimulation and Hot Affection

Hmm.. kinky

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