Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Piggy Wiggy Year

Ahhh.. The Eve brings families together with a big meal, a lot of catching up and hopefully good laughs.
There's also the never ending silbing rivarly where you watch your parents try to hide a smile when they realize you have greater achievements more than your cousins.
It's annoying but hey, we're Chinese.
That's what Chinese people do.

And every year my dad would buy tons and tons of fireworks to compete with our neighbours. Even before the clock strikes twelve, people would try to outdo each other with a gorgeous display of fireworks.
My mom would enjoy them but she'd secretly glare at my dad for spending so much money that'd just go up into a beautiful puff of smoke, brilliant lights and a big bang.
Again. Chinese people.
Don't you just love them?? xD


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