Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pre-birthday blues

I feel as if though I’m suffocating.

The past few days have been a whirlwind. At first everything seemed peachy and wonderful. Gibson turned on the electricity for me and he told me to settle in before coming to the office on Monday. Sweet, huh?

So I settled in… I scrubbed the place clean because it’s really filthy.

Did I mention about the two quilts that hung in the garage’s clothes line with pubic hair almost every inch of them?

Yes. Filthy.

The carpet needs cleaning and the walls were marked with prints and smudges.
I wanted the place to look presentable in order to lure possible housemates in but it was all in vain.

On Monday, I went to the office but Gibson wasn’t present so someone else dealt with me.
Big mistake.They called me up this morning and said that there has been a misunderstanding.
Initially, I wanted to sign under one contract so that the place would be a lot cheaper so Gibson gave me time to find a housemate.

Problem 1: I haven’t secured a tenant for the middle room yet.

Problem 2: No one else is around to sign the contract so the whole place would be under my name, which meant I had to pay for the bonds and rent whether I have housemates or not.

Problem 3: I have to pay for the rent of February which was not what I expected. Soo Hui told me that they only charge you from the moment you arrive. So that meant I would have to pay $600 for the middle room and will continue to pay until I find a housemate.
The only way to fish me out of the problems was to sign a separate contract which meant I have to fork out an extra $80 or so per month but I no longer have the task of finding another housemate.

Gibson probably wants to choke me to death.

I feel pretty bad now.
I didn’t think things would turn out this way.

They also wanted Soo Hui to pay immediately which doesn’t make much sense to me. Even if she wired the money, it’ll take a couple of days and she’s returning Thursday!

I’m just hoping that they’ll sort everything out on Thursday. And not make us pay the rent of the middle room!!


What a great way to start my birthday, huh? With a dejected heart and worries swarming in my head. There’s only an hour left before it strikes midnight and here I am, sitting alone in my room with its barren walls as we’re not allowed to stick anything onto the walls, not even bluetac.

So is this what turning 20 is like?

Wide open road ahead with a clear blue sky hanging above. Yet somehow lightning strikes before your eyes, scorching an innocent daisy that just happened to be opening up its petals to receive the new day, leaving you weak as the ground rumbles of thunder.

I’m being pessimistic, you say?

I know life is a beautiful thing and that obstacles make us stronger but tonight I just want to sit in the corner and sulk.

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Sandycakes! said...

Hey, Lisha!! Wow, I didn't realize you update this thing regularly! I should check back often to get updates on you! Well, I just wanted to say that I really hope you find someone to live with and help you pay for your place because it seems really hectic for you right now, and especially on your birthday! Although I'm not fully aware of your situation, I'm worried since you sound very tired/melancholy in your blog. Please, please have a good day on your special day! Happy 20th birthday Mommy-in-law, eh? =)

Thank you for letting me celebrate on this day too since little pathetic me doesn't have a birthday this year. =/

I love you! Hope to talk to you soon! <3

-Your daughter-in-law,
Sandycakes <3

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