Thursday, March 15, 2007

And she slams into the ground

What were you doing on the afternoon of 15th March 2007?

Did you have a good Thursday? Or a bad one? Heck, maybe you don't even remember how the day went cause nothing memorable stood out.

Well.. I thought I had a rough Thursday. But I'm sure whatever I felt that day could not compete with what drove a girl to commit suicide.

She jumped off a cross-bridge that linked two of the City West buildings together.
It was about four storeys high. She landed onto the cold hard pavement and upon impact, her skull cracked open.

My neighbour, Sam said that his friend was on the bridge when she jumped and he walked on because he didn't want to acknowledge what had just happened.
Would you have done the same?
What did she go through that was so painful that she had to take the easiest and undoubtedly the most selfish way out?

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