Friday, March 09, 2007

*Dum dum dum*

Week 4 will be hell for me.

It's now only week 2.. the end of week 2.. O___O
It's Friday night and I'm online in Uni again.

Yes, Soo hui and I are desperate people.
But you can't blame us!! Our internet will only arrive in a week or so

Major sad face

The brilliant week 4
Mon - presentation
Tues - practical
Wed - presentation
Thurs and Fri - practicals and lectures from 9am to 5pm

Double major sad face

what's worst??
One of the presentations I'm grouped with australians!!


and I'm really bad with public speaking!
But I'm thankful that the Aussies that I've been grouped with are pretty cool and intelligent people

So I have been mentally preparing myself every single day to be more vocal.
Afterall, I can't escape it. So just do it!! >=(


but a tiny part of me in a squeaky voice goes, "but... you'll be speaking in front of them Aussies..."



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