Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've been called a nerd.

Well, exsqueeeeze me!*huffy face*
Do I look like a nerd to you?

Okay.. I look a tad nerdy but I don't read with my glasses! >.>

Besides, don't nerds study ALL the time?
I have a social life!!..... i think.
Does having a housemate like Soo Hui who comes in and chats, procrastinates, etc with me counted a social life? No?

Anyway, it's only by my classmate Zenah who happens to be one of the group members for the presentation.
She's small but feisty!! Like a small chili padi.
She's even smaller than me! I feel tall standing next to her! =D
I should wear high heels next time around so I'll feel like a giant. I don't get many opportunities like this so I should make the best out of it.

^I thought this bottle of juice is so adorkable!
but what's so nude about it??

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