Monday, March 12, 2007


^Guess who got me this card?? HAHAHA~!!

Imagine someone like that popping out of your cake!
Hmm.. I'll arrange one for Sheng Kheng's birthday.

Speaking of who.. Sheng Kheng got me this keychain with my name on it for my birthday.
He was just online and said that I didn't mention it in my blog so... here it is, SK!!
And he taught me how to say 'B*tch' in portugese!!
Do NOT take him to Portugal unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, Yenny got me the card cause she thought I'd find it funny!! XD
I was thrilled when the mail finally arrived... look at what else she got me!!

^Isn't it beautiful??

Now with SK's keychain and this bracelet, I shall never ever forget my own name!
Very handy for situations where I might get amnesia like that in those soap dramas on tv :)

and she got me this too...

as well as..

A 'blue day book'!!

Which features really cute pictures of animals and wise words to cheer people up!

^oops. My thumb nearly got in the way..


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