Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oh wow.

2 AM and I was chatting away on the phone...till a small strained voice came from my door.
It was just Soo Hui so I ignored her and continued talking.
One thing odd was that she had pulled her shirt over her mouth.

She held onto the door, looking rather weak.
Her face crumpled up in pain as she mumbled, "it hurts...."


I hung up and rushed to her. She stumbled onto my bed, clutching her stomach.
At this stage I was panicking because her gastric pains were probably acting up again.
She rolled over and looked at me.. "april fool's."


And apparently she wanted to call me upstairs but I was on the phone so she had to go all the way downstairs to prank me.

1 comment:

Doraemon said...

nice april fool joke. :D

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