Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yunho! Marry me dammit!!

Yesterday in the lab, Locky came towards me and went, "Are you getting married?"
I nearly dropped the electrophoresis tank I was holding.

Me: "Whaatt? What makes you say that?"

Him: "Cause of your nick on MSN."

Me: "..."

Him: "So are you?"

Me: >O<

Yunho! Marry me dammit!!

^That's the name i go under on MSN messenger.

It never fails to rouse something in people and they can't resist commenting on it.
I have had comments such as,

"WAH! You want to get married?! So soon??"

"How can you demand someone to marry you?"

"Yunho shouldn't marry you. He should marry me!"

and the most heart wrenching of all... "who is Yunho?" =O


Exsqueeeze me!!

This is Yunho.
More info on this mysterious Yunho.

I even had marriage proposals.
Aged 20 and I've had marriage proposals more than I can count on two hands. Not too shabby huh?
No, actually in truth, I don't remember how many XD


Anyway, Easter holidays are coming up in conjunction with our 2-week study break.
Woo hoooooo~ PARTEHHHHHHHH~! *prances*

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