Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost and Found

I was strolling home a couple days ago when I came across what seemed like a piece of navy blue cloth . . but upon closer inspection it was . . . le gasp!!

I wanted to take a picture of it then but there were little school boys walking around.
I don't want to be associated with it or look like I'm some perv or something (.__.)

I'm pretty sure Soo Hui has seen it too. I shall ask her when I see her later.

Lost underwear anyone?

Picture of it on a rainy day.
How sad!! Out in the rain... soaked and cold. Probably hungry too :(

Picture of it on a sunny day
which I took this morning

No, I don't know how it got there. Or why for that matter. And I don't want to know >__<
No, I don't know whether it's been used or not. It's not as if new underwears have tags, do they? No right? Men's undies comes in boxes, no?

. . . . . Oh, I don't know! >__>

PS: Please!! It's not mine!! It's obviously guys' undies . . . *sweatdrop* If I were a guy, I'd think I'd have better taste in undies, you know!! LOL!


sirsc said...

lol lisha ! underwear..belong to yours eh haha lolx


aljdaieuraoejrkj!! HAHAHAA~ Obviously the underwear is for guys.. do u have one missing from your drawer? Hmm?? HEHEHEEE..

Mistress Onigiri said...

*Gasp-huh* Poor undies... stranded out in the cold and soaked. You should have saved them!

Poor thing...


LOL~! Well... I wouldn't take very good care of it anyway xD
How about you book a flight ticket to Adelaide and save it?? ^___^

I don't want to touch it!! *__*

SirSC said...

lisha, i think yes..the drawer is in your room >.< too bad i cant get it :(

SirSC said...

ohya, r u being naughty thr? ahaha:p



What?! Are you saying that your drawer is in my room?

oh, what do you mean by being naughty? *dons a white gown and puts on a halo*
*flutters eyelashes at sir sc innocently*

SirSC said...

yea the drawer in your room, shelf no1 i think..hehe :P
yalo, it walk to your room,paiseh :P
the i tink the underwear lost its way ahaha


LOL~!! it walked into my room??
HAHAHAAA~ how come it cannot walk home... u know, it's still sitting out there in the cold!!!

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