Friday, May 11, 2007

Mad Lab

Lydia brought her camera to lab today.

She just wanted to take some pics of the plates that she's done for her project.

That is, until I went, "Hey take a pic of me!!"

Then suddenly a pic of me became a pic of everyone . . . =___=

^ Wei Xiang, Shirley, Lydia and your future leader

^Yes everyone, I'm not sitting on a tall stool. I have grown taller. Honest.

It became a camwhoring session.

I don't think Locky has ever seen anything like this.
There are plenty more pics where they came from but heh . . .

wouldn't want you to think I'm some sort of camwhore or anything . . .

Well, we had our presentation. The one which was 30% of our final marks.
We each could have five minutes max!
5 minutes!! 30%!!

Locky was nervous.
He brought a piece of paper along but said that he was going to keep it in his pocket and hopefully won't use it as he memorized his lines.
But half way through, he stopped then reached into his back pocket to get it.

Poor dude!!

We were the first group to go and he was the first one to start the presentation. He got a little nervous after that but after a while, he was the calm, cool and collected Locky.

I stuffed up myself.
When it was my turn, I said, "8 out of 10 bacterial strains were inhibited.. no wait, they weren't... no.. uh... oh crap."

Actually I said 'oh sh!t'
Yes, I know, not very ladylike . . . =__=

I turned to Zenah who went, "Yes, inhibited."
Thank God for Zenah!!

I could feel my face burning!!

But the lecturer, Dr. Helena was smiled and said, "Just start over."

So I did and it went pretty well until . . .
as I made eye contact with my audience, I saw this coursemate of mine (he's in a different stream though) frowning deeply at me.

I was caught off guard and fumbled a bit but then retracked so it was alright. I avoided looking at him throughout my presentation after that.

After we finished, Dr. Helena said to us, "You guys were more nervous this time."

well . . duh!! 30%!!
Nyaaah. . . >___>

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