Saturday, May 26, 2007


Earlier, Soo Hui and I planned to go out and have dinner.

As we were walking along Hindley Street, we saw a bride, a groom and a group of people walking towards us and thought there was a wedding or something . . . that is, till we noticed the blood stains all over their clothes!! O__O Nyahhh~~

Fortunately for us, they decided to cross the street so we didn't have to walk past them :D
Unfortunately for us, as we walked along, there were an even larger group of zombies!
We didn't want to cross the street with them. I mean, what if they started to attack us?!


But we followed them anyway. we had no choice.
Then we walked past them when they stopped to look at something.

My heart was beating really fast.
I hate zombies okay. stupid Resident Evil.

Luckily for us, they were probably full so they didn't decide to eat our brains.

^ Proof of zombies' existence.
Don't argue with me! >=(

If you can see a lady with a veil in front, she's a bloodied bride =O

*shakes in mah furry pink boots*

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