Sunday, June 24, 2007

Am addicted

to online shopping.


I complained to Locky once about how the shops here close at freaking 5 pm on weekdays.
And on Fridays, they close at 9 pm. Yay.

He smiled and said, "That's why everyone just shops online. I go to e-bay all the time."

At the time, e-bay was nothing more than a cubicle in internet land where you can buy crap-loads of stuff . . . but I could not help thinking about waves crashing onto the beach at the mention of the name.


It is addictive.
Stay away, I'm telling you!! STAY AWAY!

My first e-bay purchase!!

I lurve it to bits! <3

I literally ran towards the door when the door bell rang.
I knew it was here. I could smell it. *sways from side to side*

I'm currently fighting off rivals for some other items.
The thought of someone else going for the exact same thing makes it like 100x more desirable!
*determined face*

yes, I have one more paper.
One more freaking paper before I am truly and utterly FREE.. for three weeks or so.



SirSC said...

eh ebay store oh lolx

Whiskoffee said...

oh no! this is just the beginning of the beginning... =)

oh yes!


Oh Noh!

My items are arriving today!! *prances*


I shouldn't be spending so much .___.

Whiskoffee said...

Confess! Who is your source of spare cash? =)


my items haven't arrived!! :(

a baffling mystery as to where it is right now >.>

Spare cash?
There's not spare cash. LOL.
Just cash intended for food? Means less food for me.

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