Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, Cheryl, don't kill me for blogging .__.
I know I should be studying but I am so sick of it!!

Anyway, Soo Hui and I have started studying hardcore upstairs in the living room.
[Exams are only a week away!! *Runs in circles*]

About half way through my notes, I was sick of genes and decided to take a short nap to escape into dreamland where good-looking Korean boys roam free.

Bad idea.

I dreamt that some shirtless guy (no, he was not good-looking or Korean for that matter) came up the stairs.

I looked at Soo Hui who was sitting on the couch opposite me and she just looked back at me blankly.
I demanded to know who he was and the fella ran down the stairs!!
So I ran after him but as I got around the corner of the stairs, he came out of nowhere and GRABBED ME!!!


Fortunately I woke up.
But then I'm all alone at home now .__.

and I thought I heard someone come in . . .


*hides in the corner of the room till Soo Hui gets home*


Whiskoffee said...

Why are nightmares always feel so real?

I dreamt of work last night... =(

~sulking now~


*hands you a cookie*

There there..
dreams are just dreams.. nothing more..

You don't sound like you enjoy your job O.o

Whiskoffee said...

Thanks for the cookie, Lishy Wishy.
I love my job. =)

But I want cute and pretty gals in my dreams. As well as cats. And lotsa money. And so on...

And all other good things in or under heaven. =)

And maybe you... Hee!

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