Wednesday, June 06, 2007

something smells fishy

Isn't it just sad when you buy a moisturizer thinking that it smells rather unique..

and someone takes a whiff of you and goes, "You smell like fish."

O_o .... fish?


Fish don't smell good, do they? I've never personally smelt a live fish before (don't want them to swing those deadly fins at me) but fish at the market reek!!

Well, I am a Pisces .__.

or secretly a mermaid. . .

^That's kinda cute no?? They're fridge magnets!
The one on the left is the good side of Pisces and the bad's on the right.

So I'm gullible? =O
Do you know that the world gullible isn't in the dictionary?!

I shall put a couple up starting with Taurus as both Sharon and Soo Hui are Taureans.

^Why is the woman on the bad side while the man's on the good? *raises eyebrow*

Love her hair. Very 'Wilma Flintstone'.

Click here to find yours!! And maybe buy one for me!!

sorry guys, i couldn't get the direct links to the images.
. . .Leo . . Virgo . . .


SirSC said...

my room smell like fish eh~


*hands you air freshner*

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