Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guess what I've got....


Yes, I am well aware that I'm 20 years old but hey!!
Justin actually bought this for me from Singapore!


It's like the real thing too! There's even a website, kinda like Neopets but in a more cartoonish, kiddish feel. Think bright and colourful!

I want it to be the ninja-looking creature and I will turn it into a rock-star!!
It has infra-red so that my gotchi can interact with other gotchis!
Dun play play ok! This thing is pretty cool!

Won't someone else get one so we can have tea parties and . . . also make babies??
I know it sounds wrong cause it's a kid's toy and all..

OH DAMM! A thief popped by and stole 500 points from my tamagotchi!
*shakes angry fist*

UGH. And I wanted to save up to buy a trumpet for it so it can finally begin its journey towards becoming the ultimate tamagotchi rock star!! *sniff sniff*

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