Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only 10 days left!

Why is it that when I want to book a room in the Changi airport hotel, it’s fully booked?!!
Am thinking of the airport hell that I’m going to endure as I wait 9 hours in transit for an 8 hour flight only to have to head to class on the day I arrive.
*waves white flag*

Man, I’ve been so super busy lately.
On Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I went up to the capital; our beloved Bandar Seri Begawan. . . and I may be going again this Monday for our Sultan's birthday celebration :D

We went up twice to go shopping and to meet a friend.
And once to visit the doctor.
Nothing really major, just a small lump that I found on the side of my back.
The doc says it’s probably resulted from an infection or an injury that I wasn’t aware of.

My little cousin has it worse.

The white parts of her eyes were filled with blood!!

Fortunately the doctor said that as long as the blood doesn’t get into the iris, she’ll be alright as it doesn’t hurt or affect her sight.
There’s a good chance that she’ll recover with no complications.
Actually there were about three or four kids just like her in the hospital.
O_o . . . Is this a common problem??

Isn’t she adorable? ^^

I took this photo of her while we were in Empire Hotel; the slice of paradise in Brunei.

Sometimes I forget how beautiful Brunei really is.

And on Monday I went to the dentist.
The last time I went was . . . I don’t even remember -.-

Unlike most people, I don’t hate going to the dentist, it’s just that I had no need for them.
Mom said to just go and have my teeth checked.
Because moms know best, I did.

But I must say one thing… I hate government-paid dentists!!
They’re so rough! Mom says it’s so that we’d avoid going back and they have less work to do -.-

Anyho, she cleaned my teeth but the process hurt so badly!!
My gums were all bleeding by the end of it!!!

The dentist said that I have no cavities and to come back in 6 months’ time.
I vow never to return.

One more hospital-related thing…
My grandma has been admitted into the hospital! Well, she hasn’t been very well lately…
But let’s hope she makes a speedy recovery ok!


Last night, Sharon, Ryan and I played monopoly.

But not just any monopoly game...
it’s Spongebob Squarepants themed!!

I love SpongeBob!

It was so fun that we played it TWICE.
I know. We’re insane. But it was really fun!! :D

Let’s end this entry with Seng Kheng and his painted pinky.

If only someone else will let me paint their fingernails :(

And a picture of yu cha kueh!! It tastes as good as it looks! :D


Whiskoffee said...

Time flies... Especially when we least wants it to fly... =)

SirSC said...

lolx ...ur gum hurts coz got lotsa stuf always hurt anyway~
the best is do once a yr cleaning


I knowwww... time really really flies!!! >.<

well.. back to uni again :S

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