Sunday, July 29, 2007

tick tock ..

Man.. it's so freaky how times flies.

And I'm reminded of it all the time when I log onto MSN messenger and see my cousin's personal message.
It currently reads "208 days of 2007 has past. 157 days to 2008"

Now when he started it waaaaaay back in January, I thought he'd give up within a week because it was tedious and depressing.
Counting down the days to a whole new year when the year has just begun?

But jeebers, he stuck at it and he's still counting!

Week 2 of my final semester will begin tomorrow and it'll be officially a week since I returned to Adelaide.
It's almost as if I've never left!!
Soo Hui will return tomorrow as well so it won't be so quiet any longer.

I'm not sure of why I'm actually blogging. I think it's . . . boredom and the fact that I've been in the house the whole day, I basically finished doing what I set to do today :)
which is great and now leaves me heaps of time to think about . . . life

The weeks back in Brunei were really great.

I had a lot of fun, mainly because I was more adventurous and made a couple of new friends.
There were a lot of drama but fortunately most things had been sorted out before I left.
*dabs sweat off forehead*

I also realized how few current family pictures we had so I made my dad take us out on a family trip; any excuse to do some family camwhoring.

My bro wasn't in the pic cause he was the one taking the pic

I'm glad for the memories back in Brunei. Sure, they made me a little reluctant to come back to Adelaide but it's here where I lay the foundation and set goals for my future.

I jumped into a lot of unpredictable things this year. I've done things that even surprised myself. Some I'm not proud of but I don't regret anything.

What I have now is starting to scare me.
I don't really know where I'm heading or where my life is going.

Lately, I have been rather hesitant about jumping into dark waters and the idea of running away tempts me so.

Sometimes I really feel alone and vulnerable.
And it's actually comforting to stay this way because that would mean I wouldn't have to do something that scares the crap out of me.

But life is what you make.
So if you give crap, expect crap.

If I sit here and mop about it, I'm not better than the person who stays in the borderlines and watch everyone else cross the finish line.

I'm not entirely sure the point of blogging this. . perhaps I might find something insightful. . . or bluff myself into thinking I'm ready to take on the world.

Let's hope it's not the latter.

thumbs up, bro.. thumbs up :)


Chrys said...

Sometimes we ask ourselves lots of questions - big ones about life, small ones about why we didn't eat that bowl of ice kacang when we could.

I guess that's the beauty of it all. Life is unpredictable and it's about how we get through it all.

Btw, your bro kinda good-looking... (only in pics or also in real-life?) =P

Whiskoffee said...

Will like to share with you a quote I read on someone's blog.


"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly despairing, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all, I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing."
Agatha Christie


ahh.. thanks guys :)
I really appreciate those words.

Yeah.. in my misery, I forgot how beautiful life can be and how stupid it was to lose my smile...

But I'm feeling a lot better now!
Especially thanks to the Simpsons movie last night!! :D

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