Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I love balloons! Except when they pop.. then I don't like them so much.

We had a lecture in this class and to our delight, there were balloons everywhere!! =D

We drew faces on them! Look at Musei's and mine!

^ That's a bow-tie on Muse's, not a beard or anything

I remember a dear friend of mine who is really, really smart.
He was the top student in class. He does, however tend to misspell 'balloons'.
He'd always debate with himself whether there are double 'L's or 'O's.

And I... well, being me, would teased him constantly about it.
At times, I would try to catch him off guard by going, "Quick! Quick! Spell 'balloons'!!"
He would never spell it right.

People have commented that the way I drew my balloon reflects me. (oh! You can see me in the reflection!)

I hope they don't mean by the shiny face. Well, I certainly don't hope my eyes are like that! =.=
Ahhh... I really wanted to take it home but I didn't want to look like a 12 year old with a balloon AND a tamagotchi -___-"


Whiskoffee said...

Wahahaha! Cute! =)


I know!! Heheheheeee!!

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