Monday, August 06, 2007

The Biotech and LabMed Ball

Saturday night in the Crytal Ball room of the Stamford Hotel
It was a chilly night and Huey Yeng and I actually walked there!! I thought I lived near it but apparently it was a little further than I initially thought it was. LOL.

I love dressing up! So the Ball was the perfect excuse to really doll ourselves up!
Huey Yeng did my hair for me and I did hers :D
We actually had trouble with mine because I'm fussy.

Yes, I am fussy but people love me anyway. Or so I like to think. *worried face*

Moving on!

Here's a picture with Dr. Helena Ward who couldn't stop gushing about my dress :D
To be honest, I love it too!

I know from the front, it looks like any other little black dress but it's a little more than that.
I wish I could show you but unfortunately I don't have a picture of my back.

Anyho, the food was really good!
Here's the delicious entree

For the main course, you could either have the


or er.. lamb? I don't know cause I was having a vegetarian meal! :D

And oh my gawd. The dessert was SO delicious. I could have just died on the spot.


and we even have choccies after the dessert

Le gasp!
Heaven fobid!

No, I didn't have a bite no matter how tempting it looked.
I was already going to puke from my fizzy lemonade and all the dancing.
There were a lot of dancing and drinking going on so it was a really fun event. I thought everyone would be all stiff and proper but we partied like the wild animals we truly are.

I had one glass of champagne on an empty stomach so I was already tipsy but I stopped drinking and had water instead. After a while, I was a-okay.. but for Anastasia, it was a whole different story. She had 9 glasses of alcohol by the end of the night!!

By the time we finished our entree, she already have had four drinks and was slamming her hand on the table, demanding where her drinks were. She took her glass and waved it around, demanding for a waiter to refill it. . . O__o''

She took off her shoes, put them on a seat and covered them Yin Shan's coat as they were cold.

^ here she is.. with her shoe in hand

I find the picture hilarious! Look at Anastasia's face!!
I'm trying to get Yin Shan's coat back while Yin Shan tells Anastasia off (jokingly)
and her date just drinks and ignores the ruckus XD

So all in all, it was an enjoyable night :)



Whiskoffee said...


SirSC said...

nice dress lisha! u look cute :D

Mrs れいた said...

Wuuuu~ the food the food.. drools at the pics. I love your dress... so pretty ^____^


Thanks :)

shinichi said...

you look so pretttttyyyy!!! =D

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