Thursday, August 30, 2007

The insane freebies!


Who would have thought that going to a Biotech Careers' Night would be so fun?!
It's the freebies, I'm telling you! And the free drinks! *hic*

Anyway, it happened on Wednesday night, right after spending half the day in the lab . . which by the way went pretty good :D something finally worked! Go Lish!!


Anyway, it was held by AusBiotech and there were like 20 different biotech companies there.
Look at the number of brochures and leaflets I brought back! Insaneeeeeeee...

My bag was so heavy that my shoulder was seriously hurting. Fortunately one of my friends offered to help me carry it! :D
I don't think he reads my blog but THANK YOU!!!

UniSA was one of the major sponsors! Look at this door-knob hanger!

flip it around, you get . .


If I am the only person who laughs at that, then I am a serious dork.

Look at the neat freebies they handed out!

I didn't drink anything alcoholic alright! I had a fanta and diet coke :)

More freebies!

A bottle opener! A stress ball (YAY!) and a mini calculator! :O

stress ball + Lish = ball stuck on face but smiling!

Not only that! They gave out yoyos!

I haven't played one of these in years!
My guy friends were like, "You can play the yoyo?" with their eyebrows arched at me.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!! What a sexist thing to say!
So I tried to prove to them that I can play. It's just up and down right?
What's so hard about that?? Well, it hit my shoe and . .
I'm vertically challenged okay! It doesn't mean I can't play the yoyo!


Moving on!

The best freebies are these puzzles by Novozymes!
They won best booth. No surprise there with these babies that they were handing out!

The pink puzzle is about getting the cone out of the box without touching the box.
The purple puzzle requires you to take the pieces apart.

There's a little trick to it but then it comes all apart and it takes me ages to put them back together :(

But the best freebie has to be this mini book. I love the bright orange colour.

It really makes me happy just by looking at it!!

The crazy thing about it is that if you touch it, you leave your fingerprint on it!



how do they do it?!

The whole function was held in this German club which has this HUGE clock!

Now... that is one sexy clock!

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