Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian

bet most of you didn't know that.
Or maybe you do and I just didn't.

Okay, long story short, someone stole my shirt >=(

And I really really really really really like that shirt. A lot.
Anyway, I needed that shirt. It goes well with almost everything.

So I went shopping for the exact same shirt.
*determined face*

While doing so, I bumped into an old friend and an acquaintance.
She looked rather surprise upon seeing me going, "You look different!"

then she went, ".... older."

*falls down from chair*


"but prettier!" corrected the acquaintance.


I say it's make up. It makes you look older but somewhat flawless.

Anyho. She went on to say that I sound different. She said I don't sound so squeaky anymore.

*eye twitch*

I said that I was sick and that I was still squeaky.

She then went, "oh, but you seem more mature anyway."

It's the make up .__.

Then I asked why she was criticising me so much when we haven't seen each other for a while.
She just looked at me innocently.


PS: I found the shirt that I liked. There was only one left and it was a large =(
But I bought it anyway.
Because I like it THAT much.


Sir sc said...

is adelaide havin shortage of cloths?
till someone want to take urs hehe

Whiskoffee said...


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