Monday, October 22, 2007

Sushi Go Round

This game is uber cute!! :3

And very addictive! @__@

Sorry about the lack of posts!

Have been pretty busy lately (full stop)
Lots of October babies! Happy birthday big bro (comma) Joshua (comma) Seng Kheng (comma) Emma (comma) Debra (comma) Lauren and Daddy!!

Am bogged down by a huge project (comma) meeting Dr Able to discuss the whole Honours thing (EEK!) and upcoming quizzes & FINALS EXAMS (EEEEEKKKK!!)

In other news (dot dot dot)
my tamagotchi finally died
I know (dot dot dot) most of you must be surprised for I am a great owner

and I bought a cute bikini!! :D
*is so happy*
*and still terribly sad about the tamagotchi of course*

Cute? ;)


Sir sc said...

i cant wait to see lisha to wear tat!

debz said...

thank u loads 4 the chocies!! me loves it!!

love the colours on the bikini....i wanna c u in it!!! heh heh heh...i'll get my camera ready. just tell me when ok...

Whiskoffee said...

i was kinda expecting to see a photo with you in the bikini.

well, we are patient creatures. =)

have a great week ya!

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