Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Biotech Beach Party

So we ended our final year of uni with a beach party!

BBQ, beer and the beach! What more could you ask for?

Sausages, steak, seafood and chicken for all them meat-eaters!
Not-fish burgers for me!! Don't worry I had vodka to keep me happy!

Ahh alcohol and red bull! :)

Shhh.... but we had tequilla too ;)

and CHIPS!

Huey Yeng nicked two of the chips!

Warning: Hot ladies! xD

Taught them the 'tupai' look
Shirley looks a bit lost though

My minions!


We went jet skiing!

We compared heights! I'm the 2nd tallest! :D

We mediated!

Sat on each other

Carried people around
and try to flush them down the loo

gave each other 'wet willies' (not literally you perv!)

cam-whored like there was no tomorrow

dragged each other into the sea

Poor Zenah! She was dumped into the sea first!

Before I knew it I was next!! ARGH!
I ran like mad but there were TWO big caucasian boys after me.
Damm them and their long legs =__=''

"Hmm.. I hope we don't have any sharks around this time of the year" commented Dougal right before dunking me into the sea


I lost count of how many times I've been dumped into the sea!
In the end all the tumbling in the sand got my legs scratched and I have a nasty grazed knee.
I stood up from the sea and the blood just ran down my leg!
It stung so bad!
If there weren't any sharks lurking around before, there would be now!

But it was good fun! Real good fun :)

Like I said, it was awesomous!

Aww man I will miss everyone :(

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