Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's the season to be jolly!

OMG! Why do I always get addicted to things when exams are coming?

It's almost Christmas!!
Okay it's not "almost" Christmas but this game is addictiveeeeeee!
Help Santa by drawing lines to guide him to the presents in time for Christmas!
It's even more addictive than the Sushi game!


Look at my score on my 2nd attempt!

Not too shabby eh?? EH??
Unfortunately I'm no.1203 on the Weekly Highscores
It took ages to complete my first attempt!
By the end of it my contacts were drying out from staring at the screen too intensely!
In fact I started asking why Santa got rid of his reindeers when he obvious doesn't know his way? But most men are like that too I guess.
They don't ask for directions :p

Anyway! Sorry for the lack of updates!
I've been having too much fun with assignments and this mind-boogling project!
Also I've been sorting my life out :) And doing insane things like make a future for myself!!
So I'm definitely doing a summer scholarship project AND Honours next year with Dr. Jason Able!! *Shrieks*

It's all very scary but exciting at the same time! :)
So I won't be heading back to Brunei :(
I will go back in March for a week or so before coming back to Adelaide with me parents for my graduation!! Can you believe that? Moi? Graduate??

Now let's just hope I get through this semester or I'll just have to hang myself by my thumbs!


PS: I'm addicted to e-bay again!!

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