Thursday, November 29, 2007

twirly twirl twirl II

As you all know (comma) I've been given the opportunity to work at Jason's lab in the Waite over the summer!

Right now the group consists of mainly students doing their Masters.

To be honest it was harder to fit in than I thought!

They're all super smart (I'm not exaggerating. Most of them have gone overseas for a couple of months through prestigious scholarships that were offered to them) so it's no wonder that I feel stupid next to them +__+

Furthermore I get a bit anxious around them whenever they test me on things --- which leads to incorrect answers (and some stuttering) thus making me feel incompetent!!
I must look like some dumb fresh-meat who has got no real lab skills (which is quite true for most uni graduates anyway - we don't have hands-on experience on a lot of stuff)
Also! Everyone plays 'Bridge' during lunch without fail.
It's pretty hard actually so I googled it and apparently it's a "thinker's game"

-___-'' why am I not surprised?
I hope it won't take too long for them to warm up to me but if doesn't then I'll just sit and enjoy the awkward silence every lunch. No one else seems to mind v__v''

Anyway I've been placed under Kelvin's wing and he's a great guy who is rather patient with me :)
He's a Malaysian who has just finished his Honours and is pursuing his Masters.
It's safe to say that the apple of Jason's eye.
So he's probably the best mentor for me! Plus he has a sense of humour!
Unfortunately I don't seem to feel any warmth from the rest of the group except for Bill who's this real cool dude. He's a lot older but he's real cool and talks to me!
I guess everyone is just busy with their own research and can't be bothered to deal with a n00b
Ah well~

Anyho! I've got great news!!

I've been offered my Honours scholarship!!!
I've actually applied for two scholarships (Jason asked me to do so)
This was for $3000 from MPB CRC for the whole of my Honours year while the scholarship offered by the uni (should I be in the top 6 candidates) is worth $5000!!!
Think of me bathing in all that sexy money!!
Anyway Kelvin said that it's better to accept the scholarship from the MPB CRC as it is an independent body from the uni so it'll look very good on my resume! (which looks so empty at the mo)
I shall listen to him and take it! He seems to know what's best!


Aren't you proud of me?

Now I just have to make Jason proud +__+
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