Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodbye friends! :(

Lydia's going back to Malaysia for good!
Wei Xiang and Shirley (the couple on the bottom left) are leaving as well! :(
so Lyd organized a dinner for all of us last Saturday :(
where we scored free desserts! WOOO~!
Because of a friend's friend who works there ;)

Clockwise from top: Me, Lydia, Yin Shan, Kimberley, Shirley and Wei Xiang

Hmm my legs are so tanned!! LOL!

It's cause I've been going to the beach and I only shielded my face with a cap!

Anyway! Has anyone seen the scandalous pictures of Edison Chen and Gillian (one of the 'Twins') in very eyebrow-raising positions? I've seen them and I can't really say for sure that they are indeed the stars themselves but they do look a lot like them!

I saw them on XiaXue's blog (who has been updating more often now!) though you won't get an eyeful cause she's censored the pics. There is however a link there to uncensored ones! Dude.. why are you still reading this? Go!!

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