Friday, March 21, 2008

Ode to the bunneh.

Ode to the bunneh.

Elusive but cute
Twitchy and fluffy to boot
Carrots and beetroot
you may not resist
Grapefruits you'd give it amiss
You used to run in fields with bliss
Now you sit in a cage looking pissed
Don't worry for I am no beast
I promise I won't turn you into a feast
(I know I know.. I am a crap poet)

Have you ever heard a bunny scream?

Heed this warning!
Turn down your volume before you click play!

Yesterday I groggily made my way to the lab and was met by an EASTER BUNNEH!

One of the cleaners donned a pair of rabbit ears was wiping the glass doors.

Apparently there were four of them! XD

Also a secret Easter bunny from the lab left two mini cadbury choccies for everyone!! :3

It was so good that I went to buy a pack!


Fortunately for me I plan to give them away and hopefully soon because they are slowly diminishing.

A certain chocoholic just can't keep away -__-

But you wouldn't be able to resist the pretty shiny colours and chocolate-y goodness yourself.


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