Sunday, March 23, 2008

Virtual Barber Shop

This is quite cool!

This audio illusion demonstrates the power of the human brain.

You'd need earphones and close your eyes for it work though.

And trust me, it's NOY a prank!
Didn't you ever receive one of those seemingly innocent e-mails challenging you to search for 10 differences between two almost identical pictures (and lures you in by saying the average person can only find seven) ?

And because you're just bored (or maybe fancy yourself as more than average) you find yourself engrossed in it. While you're searching for the 9th difference (thinking that you're pretty awesome), a SCARY GHOST FACE flashes across the screen and screams at you!!


No it's not one of those -__-

So give it a go!

I couldn't stop squirming and giggling to myself.

Hur hur hurrr!!

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