Saturday, April 05, 2008

Graduation Scare Part II

Okay, part two of this was unintentional of course.
But this time it’s my fault so I can’t blame it on anyone! *pouts*

We (as in my family and I… Yes, my mom and aunt are here!) were advised to arrive 2 hours before the actual time of the ceremony so I planned to get there early.
So we hopped onto an early bus to make our way into the city when about three bus stops later I realized I HAD FORGOTTEN THE GUEST TICKETS!
Yes, the guest tickets that I had to through so much hassle to get!

So we got off and I rushed back to get them

Luckily for me, I arrived on time and went on to grab my seat ticket and my gown! WOO!

^ with Dr Helena Ward

As I going out posing for pictures, my seat ticket slipped out of my hand!!

Yes, now you all know that I am very clumsy with my things.
Sharon once said that she wouldn’t be surprised if I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on. She even went and bought me a bag to keep my stuff when I returned back to Brunei last July.
(Hey! I keep misplacing my stuff because I brought all my bags to Adelaide!)

I think she doesn’t like the gripping feeling of fear whenever I go, “I think I lost my purse!”

Anyho! I talking to Danjiel when I realized it happened so the conversation went something like, “Yeah! I’m doing good! My mom’s here and----OH SHIT!”
Everyone was like, “What what what??!”
But I had already run off!

I was starting to panic as I made my through the crowds in search of my ticket. I rummaged through my mom’s bag but we couldn’t find it. Eeek!

So I went into the registration section (where I had gotten my seat ticket in the first place) and explained that I lost it when someone made an announcement and SAID MY NAME.

The voice said my name and asked me to locate the ‘Duty Manager’.
So the lady who was I was trying to explain to, guided me to the Duty Manager where my ticket was.

I felt soooo relieved.

The everything else in the ceremony went smoothly.
Athough I wished I didn’t return the gown so early though
Should have taken more photos!!

^with my Aunt Irene!
She got me the cute Graduation Koala!

My mom and I :)
I know I'm short -_-

It felt so surreal and when I look at my mom right now, I can’t believe she’s here with me!
But it’s been great :)
She’s leaving tomorrow though :(

How time flies…

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Mingming said...

Aww..Congratulations Lisha!!:)
You worked hard for it and U deserve every bit of it.... I can imagine u chasing ur ticket here and there..that's cute!:)
All the best to you...Hugs

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