Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Okay. Here's the truth...

I don't know how to go online with my phone!


Hey, a lot of phones now have internet settings set up nicely for you before you purchase them.
I don't!
And I couldn't be bothered to know how.

So why is this bothering me now, you ask?
Well, I reloaded my phone credit today and Optus (my mobile phone provider) sent me a text going, "Congratulations! You've won a prize for recharging! Head to our website to claim it!"

My prize?

A free wallpaper.


That is like the most LOUSY prize ever!!!!!!!!!


Nonetheless, I was determined to obtain the sucky prize.

Select your free wallpaper from this gallery of 50, it said.
Damm right I will!! >=(

Half of the wallpapers were of scantily clad women and very well-endowed men slathered in baby oil.. *cough*

I just picked a pink butterfly because I do not wish to get a nosebleed everytime I look at my phone. So they sent the url link to my phone and asked me to download it.


Further insult dude.


so that's why I was so determined to go online through my phone.
I spent quite a bit in the Optus website trying to look for instructions to how but the pages refused to show up!!


I googled it.
I spent a fair bit of time looking at numerous pages but they just had the words keywords I was using: 'online', 'phone', 'internet settings' on them

Google, why do you fail me??

In the end, I went to the Sony Ericsson website!
Lo and behold, it said that it can help set up the internet settings in my phone!

I just inserted three detials; country, provider and no #.
And they sent me the settings to my phone!

And now I can go download more wallpapers ;)
Heh heh..

Now.. where are those oil-slicked men?

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